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    Now new: The Microgreen set for children!

    urban gardening works . With the brand new Kosmos Microgreen garden for children, you can discover the wonders of nature in miniature form with your little ones in a child-friendly way.

    From sowing to harvesting, this mini garden offers a wealth of exciting observations as children experience first-hand how tiny seeds sprout into lively seedlings and develop into healthy food .

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    Both plants are full of nutrients and taste, but differ in the way they are grown:

    These are Microgreen

    Microgreen are young, edible seedlings that you can usually grow in potting soil in 8-20 days . After a while they need light to grow in order to form leaf green and thus their valuable chlorophyll

    These are sprouts

    Sprouts sprout from the same seed, but on a pure water basis in a sprout jar . Not only do they require less light than Microgreen , but they also take less time to grow: they are ready after a few days.

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    These mixtures make your year-round sprout cultivation suitable for everyday use and varied!

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