All seeds are organic certified and produced in EU cultivation



Microgreens are young, edible germ plants that are mainly used in fine gastronomy for both the visual and the taste of dishes. 

Sprouts & more

Sprouts are predominantly young shoots of plants or young plants germinated from seeds, which can be grown without soil.

Customers reviews

I have again a new recipe with your great micro-greens. The cultivation is just a lot of fun and the microgreens are great to use in the kitchen.
I like the starter packages and especially the Grow-Grow nut a lot. I've begun with Microgreens and that's a great start! Very recommendable.
Organic Microgreen and Sprouts Seeds Green Lentils. Good germination!
Thank you for the great advice! I wasn't sure which seeds would be eligible for me, the Microgreen Shop advised me very professional.
Organic Microgreen and Sprouts Seeds Corn. Good germination!

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