Grow-Grow Nut Welcome Pack

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Microgreen growing sets with savings advantage

Real coconut shells, coconut soil and organic seeds - that's all you need to grow delicious and healthy microgreens in your own home. With the Grow-Grow Nut welcome pack you get three starter packs and a large refill pack at a special price!

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The Grow-Grow Nut is a microgreen growing kit made from a sturdy upcycled coconut shell, coconut soil bricks and a wide variety of delicious organic seeds.

It not only looks good on the windowsill or dining table, but also enriches the culinary (common) everyday life: for breakfast a few fresh microgreens on the bread, for lunch to spice up the salad with an extra portion of vitamins or to garnish the soup for dinner.

Whether for yourself or as a meaningful gift for your family & friends (it does not always have to be socks for Christmas) - from today's fresh vitamins without green thumb, but with style!

With the welcome package you get 3 starter packs and a large refill package . The included coco soil bricks and seeds are enough for a total of 19x cultivation!

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