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Your high-quality micro garden - without a green thumb.

Sprouts enjoyment for all.

Durable indoor micro garden

The package includes 2 Granicium® bowls and the corresponding ceramic planting stones. In addition, you will find enclosed instructions so that you can start directly. The cultivation is very easy and works completely without substrate - after purchasing this set you only need to buy your favorite seeds here in the store.

Conveniently grow and harvest in the cycle

The second tray serves as a cover at the beginning. After germination, you simply swap the position of the trays. In the lower tray you can repeat the germination process, while the seedlings in the upper tray receive light and grow. This gives you a constant growing cycle and a constant harvest.

Innovative and patented planting stone

Our planting stone is made of patented Porosium® ceramic. It can absorb a lot of water and release it in the right amount. The seeds distributed on the stone get ideal germination conditions and the sprouts stay moist. Since the stone stores the water and replenishes it independently from the tray, hardly any maintenance is required.

And this is how it works! 🌱

This is how easy it is to grow with the micro garden from Denk:

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Your high-quality planting station for sprouts - save 4,80€ this month compared to single purchase!

With the micro garden from Denk you get 2 high-quality ceramic bowls with planting stones. The innovative growing set makes the regular purchase of substrate for growing micogreens a thing of the past!

    • Set consisting of 2 x micro garden
    • Allows a continuous cultivation cycle
    • Year round cultivation for home
    • Reusable patented planting stone
    • No expensive seed pads required
    • Easy care cultivation thanks to ideal watering
    • No waterlogging, no odor
    • Harvest after 5 to 20 days
    • 15 years material warranty
    • Diameter: 18,5cm; Height: 10,5cm
Below you also have the option to grab just one of the two microgardens individually to start!

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