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    Long lasting indoor micro garden

    The package includes 2 Granicium® bowls and the corresponding ceramic plant stones . You will also find instructions so that you can get started straight away. Growing is child's play and works completely without substrate - so after purchasing this set, all you need is your favorite seeds.

    Grow conveniently in a

    The second bowl initially serves as a cover . After germination, simply swap In the bottom tray you can repeat germination process while the seedlings in the top tray receive light and grow . This gives you a constant growing cycle and a consistent harvest .

    Innovative and
    patented plant stone

    The planting stone is made of patented Porosium® ceramic . It can absorb a lot of water and release it in the right amount . The seeds distributed on the stone receive ideal germination conditions and the sprouts remain moist. Since the stone stores the water and draws it out of the bowl independently , hardly any care is required during cultivation.

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    With this set you get 2 high-quality ceramic bowls including plant stones. Thanks to the innovative growing set, regular purchase of substrate is a thing of the past!

    • Allows for a continuous growing cycle
    • Reusable, patented plant stone
    • No expensive seed pads required
    • Easy to grow thanks to ideal irrigation
    • No waterlogging , no smell
    • 15 year material guarantee
    • Diameter : 18.5cm; Height : 10.5cm

    Note : The set does not work with all varieties - we recommend arugula, mustard, broccoli, cress, alfalfa, radish, mizuna and radishes.

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    In our shop you will find a total of over 40 different varieties, which are regularly tested for their germination ability.

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