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    Delicious sprout mixes for a healthy everyday life

    Versatile and super tasty – discover the unique mixes from Keimgrün !

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    With these mixes you get the colorful variety of the world of sprouts in a practical format!

    Suitable for everyday use

    All mixes were developed against the background of year-round, everyday and varied sprout cultivation and are based on a typically healthy diet .

    Same germination time

    The varieties in the individual mixes are coordinated so that they similar conditions and the same germination time . This makes convenient cultivation child's play.

    100% organic certified

    All seed varieties included are from 100% organic certified manufacturers in Europe and are subject to regular tests with regard to their general quality and the individual germination ability of the mixes.

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    Something for every time of day and use!

    Sprout mix snack Keimgrün

    Sprouts mix “Brotzeit”

    Your delicately spicy snack mix made from broccoli , kale , radishes and alfalfa . Ready after just 5-7 days, you can easily put the mix directly from the sprout jar onto your bread and turn every snack into a colorful vitamin party!

    Sprout mix “Salad”

    Your salad mix with the deliciously spicy daikon radish, crunchy mung beans , rich red lentils and the visual eye-catcher red radish. All varieties are perfectly coordinated in terms of both taste and germination time - perfect for any salad!

    Sprouts mix “Muesli”

    of buckwheat , quinoa and brown millet , which are perfect for breakfast . You can use the sprout mix, which has already sprouted in 2 days, as a muesli base or as a topping and supplement it with fruit and nuts.

    Sprout mix “Smoothie”

    Your smoothie mix made from the mild and nutrient-rich varieties of broccoli , alfalfa , kale and rose clover . You can add the sprouted sprout mix to your favorite smoothie as you like and experiment until you like it best!

    When it comes to breakfast, I never things by halves!

    Your grain mixture for sprouting for a naturally fresh start to a powerful day.

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