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Grow microgreens

Microgreens, greenweed or leafy greens - the new way to supply vitamins!

Microgreens optimal growing conditions


Microgreens are young, edible seedlings that are not only incredibly delicious, but also packed with lots of vitamins. Grown at home in just 1-2 weeks, they are a practical and sustainable alternative or supplement to conventional vegetables. You can find comprehensive growing instructions here. Our wide range of organic seeds have a high germination and long shelf life, and are regularly tested in comprehensive quality controls.

The perfect introduction

If you feel like diving into the world of microgreens, we recommend our microgreen starter packs below! You can choose between the classic version with durable plastic tray, the 100% biodegradable Grow-Grow Nut and the porcelain tray from Heimgart. All packages contain everything you need to get started in the microgreen world: the best organic seeds, organic growing soil and suitable growing trays.

Our Microgreen Starter Packs

Which package suits you?

Keimgrün Starter package

✔️ Cultivation in BPA-free plastic containers
✔️ Substrate: organic growing soil
✔️ 12 seed varieties included
✔️ Grow 4 varieties simultaneously

Grow-Grow Nut

✔️ Cultivation in real coconut
✔️ Substrate: coconut soil brick
✔️ 12 seed varieties included
✔️ Grow 3 varieties simultaneously

Heimgart Starter Pack

✔️ Cultivation in porcelain dish
✔️ Substrate: natural fibre fleece
✔️ 2 seed varieties included
✔️ Grow 1 variety at a time

Microgreen Organic Germ Seed

Find favourite varieties from over 40 organic sprouting seeds

Or would you prefer a cress sieve?

Well suited for slime-forming varieties

Organic sprouting seeds for the cress sieve

Find your favourite varieties

Useful info

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A miracle of nature Why are microgreens so healthy? The magic word is: chlorophyll! Chlorophyll is developed in plants as soon as the young seedlings are exposed to sunlight.

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Grow microgreens

You know by now that microgreens are more than the packet of cress you had to plant at school, the seeds are freshly ordered and now

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What are microgreens?

Microgreens, greenweed or leafy greens - a "miniature wonderland"! Microgreens are young, edible seedlings. You could also say that they are vegetables in a

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