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Grow microgreens

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Microgreens (also known as microgreens, greens or leafy greens) are young, edible seedlings that can be grown at home in just a few days. Since the young vegetables need light to grow after germination, the best place is on the windowsill.

Full of nutrients

Microgreens contain many important vitamins and minerals already at harvest after a few days.

Really Delicious

The many different varieties provide an intense and versatile taste experience.

Without green thumb

Especially beginner-friendly seed varieties succeed as well as ever and require little care.

Our starter packages

Find the entry that suits you!

In this set you get a tray as a bottom tray, 4 high-quality pots and the seed varieties radish, kohlrabi, pea and sunflower. The seeds and the included growing soil are enough for a total of 20 cultivations!

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Included are 3 real coconut shells, 3 coconut soil bricks and 3x each of the varieties broccoli, arugula and radish. With the included refiller you get 10 additional varieties including soil, so you can grow a total of 19x!

Here you grow your microgreens in an extremely high-quality porcelain bowl on natural fiber fleece. In addition to the cultivation set, the two varieties of rocket and cress are also included, each of which is sufficient for a high-yield cultivation process.

This table garden consists of a very high quality ceramic bowl. The included planting mats are cellulose and jute based. The enclosed seeds varieties of arugula, radish and mustard are enough for a total of 3 cultivations.

Microgreen seeds 🌱

In our store you can now find over 40 organic germination seeds to choose from. We regularly check each variety for germination. For a clear start we recommend you the varieties listed below or our trial package!

Perfect for entry

These varieties are easy to care for and almost always succeed.

Favorites of our customers

These varieties are among the most frequently purchased in the store.

Useful info

Discover our blog and become a microgreen professional!


Grow microgreens

You know by now that microgreens are more than the packet of cress you had to plant at school, the seeds are freshly ordered and now

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What are microgreens?

Microgreens (also called microgreens, greens or leafy greens) are young, edible seedlings that you can grow and harvest in the comfort of your own home in just a few days. They

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