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    Growing Microgreen

    Discover the new way to provide vitamins and start eating a healthier diet today!



    Microgreen (also known as microgreens or leafy greens) are young, edible seedlings that you can grow in soil at home in just a few days. Since the young vegetables need light to grow after germination, a place on the windowsill is best.

    Full of nutrients

    Microgreen vitamins and minerals when harvested after just a few days .

    Really tasty

    The many different Microgreen varieties ensure an intense and varied taste experience.

    Without a green thumb

    Beginner-friendly seed varieties in particular almost always turn out and require little care .

    All starter sets at a glance

    Find the entry that really you !

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    Included are 3 starter sets, each with a coconut shell , broccoli , arugula and radishes and 3 coconut clay bricks. The included refill package gives you 10 additional growing sessions with additional delicious varieties.

    Here you grow your Microgreen in an extremely high-quality porcelain bowl on natural fiber fleece . In addition to the cultivation set, it also includes the two types of rocket and cress , each of which is enough for a productive cultivation process.

    In this set you get 2 high-quality ceramic bowls including innovative and patented plant stones - without any substrate! We recommend smaller varieties such as broccoli, rocket, cress and radishes to get started.

    Microgreen seeds 🌱

    In our shop you can now find over 40 organic germinating seeds to choose from. We check each variety for its germination ability . To get you started, we recommend the varieties listed below!

    Perfect for getting started

    These varieties are very easy to care for and almost always succeed.

    Our customers' favorites

    These varieties are among the most frequently bought in the shop!

    Buy or make yourself? 🌱

    These advantages await you if you grow your Microgreen yourself and don't buy them from the supermarket:

    Freshness & quality

    Home-grown Microgreen retain their nutrients and flavors better than purchased ones because they are not stored for long.

    Controlled cultivation

    You have full control over the growing and harvesting process, ensuring the safety and quality of your Microgreen .

    Lower costs

    Growing in your own four walls is significantly cheaper because you only need the seeds and equipment.

    Greater diversity

    In the supermarket there are often only a few varieties, but here you can choose from over 40 different varieties!

    This is what our customers say 💬

    We have now been able over 30,000 micro gardeners !