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Cultivation trays

Discover trays and pots from Keimgrün for growing larger quantities of microgreens!

The different types

The numbers in the designation indicate the size of the trays in the American unit of measurement, inches.

5×5 pots

The dimensions of our smallest propagation trays are 12×12 cm. As they have holes, they need an unperforated tray as a bottom tray (for combinations see Table)

1010 trays

Our 1010 trays have the dimensions 25×25 cm. The unperforated version can be easily combined with the perforated version (for further combinations see Table)

1020 tray

The standard version of our 1020 trays measures 54x28x6 cm. Here, too, the perforated tray can be combined with the non-perforated tray (for more combinations see Table)

1020 tray (flat)

The flat version of our 1020 trays measures 51x26x3.8 cm and is suitable for delicate microgreens. Perforated and unperforated can be combined, pots and flat 1020 trays do not fit!

All combinations

Before buying, please note the compatibility of each growing tray with each other: