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Grow sprouts

You don't need soil and hardly any light - and still harvest lots of flavor and vitamins!


Easy care & space saving

Sprouts are young, edible seedlings that can be grown at home in as little as 3-5 days. Unlike microgreens, they are grown in a sprout jar completely without soil. Sprouts also require much less light to grow - a kitchen counter is quite sufficient!

Vitamins & Minerals

Just like microgreens, sprouts are full of important nutrients after just a few days.

Taste variety

Whether mild or spicy varieties - sprouts really enrich every salad with their taste.

Without green thumb

If you have Growing basics understood, sprouts will grow almost by themselves.

The everyday entry into the world of sprouts!

With the Keimgrün Sprouts Starter Pack you get a high quality and easy to use sprout jar as well as 3 of our most popular sprout mixes for an uncomplicated start!

  • 1x Keimgrün Sprout jar set 🌱
    The high-quality jar has a capacity of 1000ml and contains a stainless steel lid with strainer, a stainless steel drip rack and a ceramic drip tray. 0% plastic, 0% aluminum!
  • 100g Sprout Mix "Salad " 🥗
    Contains the deliciously spicy radish, rich red lentils, crunchy mung beans and the bright red radishes.
  • 100g Sprout Mix "Muesli "🥣
    contains the mild-nutty varieties of buckwheat, quinoa and brown millet, perfect for breakfast.
  • 50g sprout mix "Green Smoothie " 🥤
    Contains the flavorful mild vitamin bombs broccoli, alfalfa, kale and Brussels clover.

Detox - can sprouts help?

Sprouts seeds 🌱

In our store you will find over 40 BIo germination seeds to choose from. We regularly test each variety for germination. For starters, we recommend the varieties listed below!

All muntin glasses

These varieties are among the most frequently purchased in the store.

Our top sellers

The most popular varieties of sprouts in the store:

Or would you prefer a cress sieve?

Especially slime-forming varieties such as arugula, mustard and cress should not be grown in a sprout jar. If you want to avoid growing them in soil, our cress trays are ideal for this purpose:

Besides the slime-forming ones, you can also grow straight finer varieties like alfalfa, broccoli and radishes on the cress screen without any problems. This gives them more of the crunchy microgreen character, but of course the harvest is not as productive as in the sprout jar. 

Selected seeds for cress sieve

You can find all possible varieties here.

Useful info

Discover our blog and become a sprout professional!

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What are sprouts?

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