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The garden for your home -
completely without soil.

The complete package for microgreen cultivation

Indoor Gardening System

Heimgart is an indoor gardening system specially designed for planting microgreens.

High quality materials

The kit consists of a high-quality porcelain bowl and a stainless steel insert for the seed pads.

Natural fibre fleece

The seed pads consist of a natural fibre fleece, the seed is fixed with a natural binder.

And this is how it works!

So uncomplicated succeeds the cultivation with the Heimgart starter set:

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Start now with the starter kit and conveniently order the seed pads for refilling later:

Starter kit

✔ Indoor Gardening System
✔ Microgreens without soil
✔ Porcelain & Stainless Steel

Seed pads

✔ Perfectly matched to starter kit
✔ Many different varieties
✔ Seeds in natural fiber fleece