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    Growing Microgreen & sprouts correctly

    Here you will find all the information and detailed instructions about the different types of cultivation.

    Growing Microgreen 🌱

    Cultivation in the Grow-Grow Nut or in trays.

    Start: Soak seeds

    You should soak larger microgreen seeds in a container with Microgreen beforehand . You can find the soaking times for each seed on the packaging . Please note that the seeds open and soak up water - so use a larger container and more water.

    Step 1: Prepare everything

    Depending on the cultivation device, different procedures must now be followed. If you have our trays or pots , pull them apart one by one and place them in the unperforated tray. With the Grow-Grow Nut you soak the shell for at least 2-3 hours and then place it on a suitable bowl.

    2nd step: Distribute soil

    Then distribute the soil evenly in the pots. The Grow-Grow Nut a so-called coconut clay brick , which you now place in the coconut shell (bowl underneath!) and pour water over it until it is soaked. Then distribute evenly and press lightly .

    3rd step: Sow seeds

    Please make sure that you distribute the seeds evenly and that nothing is on top of each other. The less room the greens have to breathe, the more susceptible your grow is to mold. Press the seeds gently into the soil to make the germination process and nutrient supply easier for the plants right from the start.

    Step 4: Water & cover

    some water with a sprayer . It is important not to “drown” them straight away at the start: if the seeds start to float, you have definitely used too much water. Now cover the container with a tea towel .

    5th step: Check seeds twice a day

    spray your superfood with water morning and evening . Please remember to always keep it sufficiently moist, but never to overwater. After days you can remove the tea towel and let the microgreens Microgreen in daylight

    Step 6: Water

    From now on you can water Microgreen or them from below by placing a lower bowl under the actual growing device and filling it with water. If the layer of soil is not too high, the plants can draw as much water as they need.

    Step 7: Harvest & enjoy

    Depending on the variety, you can harvest your Microgreen after 8-14 days . In order to retain as many vitamins as possible, you should only cut them off when you really want to eat your Keilminge. You can also store them in the refrigerator .

    Pull sprouts 🌱

    Growing seedlings in the sprout glass.

    Start: Fill the seeds into the glass

    Growing sprouts works completely without soil. Decide on a variety or a sprout mix and, depending on the seeds, add a few tablespoons of it to your sprout jar. Now fill the jar with water , screw the lid back on and let the germination seeds stand for a few hours.

    Step 1: Soak overnight

    When growing sprouts, start by soaking each seed directly in the sprout jar. the soaking times for the different varieties on the packaging. You can then empty the sprout jar over the sink and place it at an angle so that the remaining water drains away.

    2nd step: rinse twice a day

    Now you rinse your sprouts in the morning and evening , in warm places or at midday in summer. To do this, fill the glass with fresh water, shake it a little, empty the water again and place it upside down in the holder at an angle. Always leave some space on the sieve for air to circulate.

    Step 3: Harvest & enjoy

    After just a few days , if you are satisfied with the size of your sprouts, you can take them out of the sprout jar and use them directly in delicious dishes. If you don't want to eat them all at once, you can store them in the fridge , but you should eat them in 2-3 days.