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    Vitamins from the windowsill

    Organic Microgreen in a real upcycled coconut - it couldn't be more stylish and natural!

    Fresh vitamins.

    The cultivation is guaranteed to be successful even without a green thumb - and just 6-8 days later, juicy Microgreen on the dining table as a reward.

    Unique gift.

    The Grow-Grow Nut appeals to almost all of the human senses little “WOWs” not only for you, but also for your loved ones .

    Common everyday life.

    Healthy together, sustainable together: With the Grow-Grow Nut you have the opportunity enrich your everyday life with family and friends every day .

    The stylish Microgreen entry! 💚

    Real coconut shells, coconut soil and organic seeds - that's all you need to grow delicious and healthy Microgreen in your own four walls.

    With the Grow-Grow Nut you will receive three starter packages and a refill package at an absolute preferential price:

    • 3x Grow-Grow Nut starter package A starter package contains a coconut shell, 3 coconut soil bricks and 3x organic seeds in the varieties radish, broccoli and rocket.
    • 1x Grow-Grow Nut Refiller One refill package is enough for 10 additional cultivation processes in the Grow-Grow Nut with 10 coconut soil bricks as well as the varieties rocket, red radish, kale, mustard, pak choi, kohlrabi red, radish, cress, red cabbage and mint.

    Also perfect as a gift for micro-gardening together!

    Would you like a refill? No problem! 📦

    Discover 10 different varieties to grow in your Grow-Grow Nut !

    If you have used up the contents of your welcome package and are starting to need more, we now have the Grow-Grow Nut Refiller package in our range!

    In addition to 10 additional coconut soil bricks, it also includes 10 different organic seed varieties in portion sizes, which are ideal for growing in your coconut shells .

    • 10x coconut soil bricks
      Each coconut soil brick is enough for another growing process in the Grow-Grow Nut .
    • 10x organic seeds
      The package includes the delicious varieties of rocket, red radish, kale, mustard, pak choi, red kohlrabi, radish, cress, red cabbage and mint.

    Popular seeds 🌱

    these varieties for cultivation in the Grow-Grow Nut :

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    Frequently asked questions 💭

    You can find detailed instructions here

    Yes absolutely! The coconut is ideal as a planter because it is naturally robust and water-resistant. We have already grown some Grow-Grow Nut over 50 times!

    Professional tip: Rub the inside of your Grow-Grow Nut with oil every now and then, this nourishes and protects the natural material.

    Nobody really likes mold... and just like with potted plants with a hole in the pot, it is also highly recommended when growing in a coconut shell that residual water can drain away. Otherwise there will be waterlogging and possibly mold – we want to save you that!

    When pressing the coconut soil, deviations occasionally occur, which can influence the swelling properties. But don't worry, the ingredients are unchanged. We recommend breaking the coconut soil into small pieces by hand while soaking. Alternatively, you can put a coconut clay brick in around 250ml of warm water for a few minutes.

    In principle, you can use the soil several times, but it is best to sift out the old roots after each use, otherwise they can become moldy. Over time, the soil loses nutrients, which can potentially have a negative impact on the growth of the Microgreen . We therefore recommend using a new coconut clay brick after 3-4 cultivation sessions at the latest. As we all know, the better way to try is to study!

    Try it on your own?

    Do you already know exactly what you want? Of course, you can also plant your favorite varieties from the Microgreen shop!

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