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    Constant quality with great variety

    We stand for a high-quality and varied range.

    Years of experience

    We have been since 2018 and therefore know exactly what is important to ensure that your cultivation is a complete success.

    Relationships with suppliers

    In order to ensure consistently high quality for you, we are in regular contact with all of our suppliers.

    Regular checks

    When you purchase you can be sure that the current seed batch has been checked in our internal quality laboratory .

    We are convinced that Microgreen will be an important part of a sustainable diet sustainable concepts in everything we do .

    Years of experience

    We have been on the market with the Microgreen Shop since 2018 and have already over 30,000 happy micro gardeners as private and business customers. During this time, our team has gained an enormous wealth of experience in the cultivation of Microgreen and sprouts, so that we can give you competent advice.

    Always in focus : a large selection of high-quality seed varieties as well as the right accessories for successful cultivation.

    Relationships with suppliers

    When looking for suitable seed producers, we focus on regionality. So we first search our own federal state (Hesse), then Germany and finally the neighboring countries within Europe.

    The long-term, personal relationship with our suppliers is very important to us, because we can only guarantee consistent quality for you through a direct line.

    Regular quality controls

    Before you can buy our current seeds in the shop, we test each new batch germination in a multi-stage quality process :

    • Standard test : The first test is through a standardized exam.
    • Change of medium : Depending on the variety and the result, the procedure is repeated on a different medium.
    • Additional tests : Special varieties are tested a third time using test setups such as heat mats.

    Responsibility continues

    As a company, the impact on our social and ecological environment is also very important to us.

    Plastic-free packaging

    Your order will be 100% plastic-free . Where it makes sense, we of course also avoid using plastic in the products themselves. Since this is currently very difficult, especially with our trays and growing pots, we also ensure that the products have a very long service life .

    100% organic seeds

    For every type of seed in the shop, we ensure organic certification in accordance with the inspection body DE-ÖKO-006 . This is how we ensure that the requirements of the EU organic regulation are adhered to.

    Direct inclusion

    We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with EKOM . The workshops offer safe jobs for people with mental or physical disabilities.

    For people -
    and the environment.