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Microgreen Starter Sets

Crunchy vitamins full of flavor - welcome to the world of young vegetables!

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Discover our beginner-friendly kits for growing microgreens!
For each cultivation variant you can also get suitable refill packages in our store.

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Included are 3 real coconut shells, 3 coconut soil bricks and 3x each of the varieties broccoli, arugula and radish. With the included refiller you get 10 additional varieties including soil, so you can grow a total of 19x!

Here you grow your microgreens in an extremely high-quality porcelain bowl on natural fiber fleece. In addition to the cultivation set, the two varieties of rocket and cress are also included, each of which is sufficient for a high-yield cultivation process.

In this set you will receive 2 high-quality ceramic trays including innovative and patented planting stones - without any substrate! To get started, we recommend smaller varieties such as broccoli, rocket, cress and radishes.