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We will make it enable all people to their own vitamins cheaply, independently and and suitable for everyday use grow.

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With us you get a simple and inexpensive approach to grow microgreens and sprouts skillfully easy in large quantities.


We are as direct and transparent as possible in everything we do - including, of course, the products we offer.

For all.

We are bringing microgreens into the mainstream and giving everyone who wants to, access to their own vitamin supply.

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For a high-yield introduction to the world of microgreens and sprouts:

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Try your way through 8 of our most popular microgreen varieties and find your new favorites for summer.

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These varieties are easy to care for and almost always succeed. Here you can find all varieties.

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We tell you how microgreens and sprouts can help with this

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Your cereal mix for germination for a naturally fresh start to a powerful day.

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From sprout jars to substrates to pressure sprayers: