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Sprossit Through Starter Bundle

Your starter package in 2023 at an absolute preferential price!
You get:

  • 1x Angelika's Sprout Mix Bundle
    In the limited bundle of Angelika Fürstler you will find the exclusive seed mixes Sprossit Mix, Sportsman Mix, Engerl Mix and Zen Mix.
  • 1x Angelika's Grow-Grow Nut Sprossit Bundle
    The stylish Microgreen starter kit consists of 3 real coconut shells, coconut soil bricks and lots of organic seeds. Plus, when you buy it, you're supporting the aid project in the Philippines.

Grow-Grow Nut Sprossit Bundle

Your stylish introduction to the world of microgreens!

  • 3x Grow-Grow Nut Starter Pack Special Edition
    With your purchase you support the Aid project in the Philippines. Included in each set:
    • A real coconut shell
    • 3x coconut clay tile
    • 3x exclusive organic seed mix
    • Exclusive Sprossit cover

Angelika's Sprout Mix Bundle

Organic seeds "Sprout mix"

Rose clover, rapeseed, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi red, radish (250g)

Organic Seeds "Sportsman Mix

Red clover, rose clover, beluga lentils, broccoli, fenugreek, kohlrabi red, mustard, arugula (250g)

Organic Seeds

Rose clover, rapeseed, broccoli, radish, kohlrabi red, radish red (250g)

Organic Seeds
"Zen Mix"

Alfalfa, rose clover, fennel, kohlrabi red, radish red (250g)

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