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100% organic seed

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The Keimgrün starter set

By far the most convenient way to grow your own vitamins - discover now!

What's in every starter pack

Both starter sets include the sprout jar, the seeds and an e-book about the topic!

Sprout glass

The sprout jar is perfect as a high-quality starter product due to its uncomplicated handling.

Seed mix

The set includes the most popular varieties of seeds for sprouts compiled in 50- or 100-gram sachets.

Beginner's Guide

You'll receive the right reading material in the form of an e-book full of tips and tricks by e-mail after you have completed your order.

Sprout jar set
Tasting package

✔ 1x Keimgrün Sprout Jar Set
✔ 3x Seed Bag*
✔ Sprouts Beginner's Guide

* The package contains the seed varieties radish, broccoli and alfalfa at 50g each.

Sprout glass set
Economy package

✔ 2x Keimgrün Sprout Jar Set
✔ 5x Seed Bag*
✔ Sprouts Beginner's Guide

* The package contains the seed varieties radish, broccoli, alfalfa & kale at 50g each and 100g mung beans.

The perfect sprout jar for beginners

Why the set is so good to start:


With an MSRP of 21.90€, the sprout jar is very inexpensive compared to other products, and this despite the fact that it is made of 100% stainless steel and completely does without plastic.


With a size of 1 litre, the sprout jar is easy to handle during cultivation and can be conveniently put in the dishwasher afterwards.


Since even the simple version of the transom glass has a lower shell, it can be expanded as often as desired in the future with additional glasses in the kitchen.

All Sprouts Set Offers

In addition to the starter sets, you can of course also purchase the sprout jar individually: