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    The sprout starter pack

    Discover by far the most convenient way to grow your own fresh vitamins at home.

    This is in the starter package 🌱

    sprout jar , the starter package also includes the 3 most popular everyday mixes :

    Keimgrün sprout jar

    uncomplicated , this sprout glass is perfect as a high-quality entry-level product.

    Sprout mix “Salad”

    This mixture should definitely not be missing from any salad from now on: red radishes , radishes , red lentils and mung beans .

    Sprouts mix “Muesli”

    The delicious muesli mix consists of quinoa , buckwheat and brown millet and ensures a naturally powerful start to your day.

    Sprout mix “Smoothie”

    This mix is ​​ideal in green smoothies thanks to the mild varieties of broccoli , alfalfa , kale and rose clover .

    Your entry into the world of sprouts 💚

    With the Keimgrün Sprouts Starter Pack you will receive a high-quality and easy-to-use sprout jar as well as 3 of our most popular sprout mixes for a delicious start!

    • 1x Keimgrün sprouting glass set : The high-quality glass has a capacity of 1000ml and contains a stainless steel lid with sieve, a stainless steel draining rack and a ceramic drip tray. 0% plastic, 0% aluminum!
    • 100g  sprout mix salad : Contains the deliciously spicy radish, rich red lentils, crunchy mung beans and bright red radishes.
    • 100g sprout mix muesli: Contains the mild, nutty varieties of buckwheat, quinoa and brown millet, which are perfect for breakfast.
    • 50g sprout mix Green Smoothie : Contains the mild-tasting vitamin bombs broccoli, alfalfa, kale and rose clover.

    The perfect glass to start with 🌱

    Keimgrün offers you the following advantages compared to other alternatives:

    Very good value for money

    With an RRP of €23.90, inexpensive compared to other products , even though it is made of 100% stainless steel .

    Perfect size and easy handling

    With a size of 1 liter easy to handle during cultivation and can then be put dishwasher

    Can be expanded as often as required and has flexible space

    Because the simple version of the sprouting glass already has a lower bowl , you can expand with additional glasses as often as you like .

    Other popular sprouts 🥗

    In addition to the Keimgrün mixes, we also have individual varieties in our range!

    This is what makes our seeds so special.

    All varieties and mixes are regularly tested for germination, consist of 100% European organic seeds and are lovingly bottled regionally by hand.

    This is what our customers say 💬

    We have now been able over 30,000 micro gardeners !