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I do it myself!

We will make it enable all people to their own vitamins cheaply, independently and and suitable for everyday use grow.


Delicious organic seed varieties

Our seeds come 100% from certified organic producers in Europe and are regularly tested for germination.

Practical trays & pots

The mass makes it! With our growing trays you have the opportunity to grow larger quantities of microgreens and eat them every day.

Microgreen trays
Cress sieve Microgreens

Starter packages to get started

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, we have developed beginner-friendly sets for both microgreens and sprouts.


With us you get a simple and inexpensive approach to grow microgreens and sprouts skillfully easy in large quantities.


We are as direct and transparent as possible in everything we do - including, of course, the products we offer.

For all.

We are bringing microgreens into the mainstream and giving everyone who wants to, access to their own vitamin supply.

Our starter packages

For a high-yield introduction to the world of microgreens & sprouts:

The right accessories

Sprouting glasses, pressure sprayers, substrates