Microgreen Tray 1010 – Perforated


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For the medium requirement of Microgreen

The new Microgreen 1010 tray perforated with a new look and even more stable ! It is made of extra strong outer material .



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Microgreen tray 1010
Microgreen Tray 1010 - Perforated 4,30 
This product is currently very popular!

New look and even more stable – our new perforated 1010 trays!

Attention: Not compatible with Microgreen Tray 1020 flat .

This variant has drainage holes that can be used as a drip tray in a 1010 tray without drainage holes. They cannot be combined with 1020 trays without drainage holes. Also very suitable for growing plants, seedlings, wheatgrass, herbs etc.

A good choice for growing medium amounts of wheatgrass or Microgreen .


  • Variant: Perforated
  • Color green
  • 25 x 25 cm sowing area
  • Tray unperforated: 3.5 cm deep, without drainage holes
  • Tray perforated: 3.5 cm deep, with drainage holes
  • Robust plastic
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for growing herbs, plants, seedlings, wheatgrass, Microgreen and more
  • Indoor/Outdoor

Additional Information

Size27 × 27 × 6cm



1 piece, 10 pieces


China, USA