Eschenfelder cress strainer (round)


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Ash field cress sieve

Would you like to grow sprouts without soil on a sieve? This is particularly suitable for slime-forming varieties such as rocket or cress.

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This Eschenfelder cress strainer consists of a waterproof, glazed ceramic bowl and a stainless steel strainer. The diameter is 16 cm and is therefore ideal for getting started with growing sprouts, especially slime-forming ones. It is easy to care for and robust.

The stainless steel sieve always lies horizontally on a step on the inner edge of the ceramic bowl at a defined distance from the bottom of the bowl. The roots have the necessary space, can develop healthily and can be harvested.

The ceramic bowl is made in Bavaria, Germany and is of top quality.

Note: Slime-producing seeds must lie still during germination. It is best to soak the seeds beforehand according to our variety table , pour off the water and distribute the seed mixture on the sieve. Then you can use a knife to spread the seeds carefully, evenly and not too densely. Until roots form (2-3 days), they are sprayed with water twice a day and covered with a plate so that the seeds do not dry out so quickly in the air. After 2-3 days the roots will have grown through the sieve and you can remove the plate or cover. From then on you can rinse the seedlings and roots twice a day under running water.

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  • Cress sieve 16cm circumference
  • Color white
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • quick start Guide

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Weight1 kg
Size18 × 18 × 4.5cm

Anthracite / Black, White


12cm (small), 16cm (medium), 21.5cm (large)


Ash fields