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Regularly checked germination 🌱

I don ' t do things by halves at breakfast!

Your cereal mix for germination for a naturally fresh start to a powerful day.

Ready-made muesli was yesterday

Your freshly sprouted at home sprout love beats ready-made (sprouted) muesli mixtures by worlds. Breakfast simply doesn't get any fresher and more energetic than this!

Full of important nutrients and enzymes

During the germination process, enzymes are activated that release nutrients in the grain. By eating them without industrial drying process, you get the maximum plant power in optimal organic availability.

Your natural fresh taste

Freshly sprouted grain is wonderfully nutty-sweet and guaranteed without flavor enhancers and other additives. So it is versatile in the kitchen and every time a real experience for your palate.

For sustainable nutrition

A future-oriented diet should be more independent, cheaper and more sustainable . With Sprouted Love, you ensure a supply of high-quality organic nutrients and save real money compared to ready-made muesli mixes.

And this is how easy it works! ✔️

Your breakfast routine couldn't be more convenient with sprout love and 2-3 sprout j ars! Start the following process one day at a time in a new sprout jar:

Day 1

Soak 3-4 tablespoons per serving in the morning. After 8-12 hours, drain water, rinse again and drain well. Put on the stand at an angle and leave overnight to germinate very relaxed.

Day 2

Rinse once in the morning and once in the evening. To do this, fill the glass with water, swirl it a few times and empty it again. Then place the glass back on the stand at an angle.


Rinse once in the morning and use directly. We recommend it as a smoothie bowl, smoothie or overnight sprouts. This glass you then use directly again for a new portion.

What's inside.

All varieties included are low gluten, unbred and from organic certified producers in Germany:

Naked Oats

has a nutty taste and its ingredients can lower cholesterol.

Original spelt

has a mild, slightly nutty flavor and has many minerals and amino acids.

Naked Barley

has a strong nutty flavor, lowers blood sugar levels and can promote intestinal health.


has a slightly sweet taste and is said to have a supportive effect on the cardiovascular system.

If you prefer a mix of gluten-free varieties, we recommend our Muesli Mix

Why not just oatmeal? 🌱

The following advantages await you when you take germination into your own hands:

Conventional oatmeal

Oatmeal is healthy - no question about it. However, the very popular breakfast can be significantly improved in terms of taste and health benefits by flaking or sprouting your own.

Sprouted oatmeal

If manufacturers allow grain to germinate first before the flaking process, oat flakes become healthier and more digestible. BUT: Since the processing has already taken place several weeks ago, many important ingredients have already been lost. 

Flake cereals yourself at home

If you flake cereals at home, you have the advantage that they are consumed promptly and therefore do not lose as many ingredients. However, your breakfast will not develop its full potential due to the lack of a germination process.

Germ love germinate

The best of both worlds: By germinating your cereal mix yourself at home and eating it directly, you get all the nutrients released through this super tasty, digestible and completely without detours directly into your body.

Get the freshest breakfast in the world! 🥣

You want to start right away and are new to the world of sprouts? No problem!

With your Keimliebe starter pack , you'll save over 10% compared to buying the individual products at Microgreen Shop. You get:

  • 1x Keimliebe cereal mix 1000g (approx. 20 servings): The included varieties of naked oats, naked barley, original spelt and einkorn are 100% from German organic cultivation and are regularly checked by us for their germination.
  • 2x Keimgrün Sprout jar set: The high quality jar has a capacity of 1000ml and includes a stainless steel lid with strainer, a stainless steel draining rack and a ceramic drip tray. 0% plastic, 0% aluminum!
The 2 included sprout jars give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh sprout love every morning, and reuse any jar that runs out directly for a new round.

Christian's Smoothie

For Christian's favorite smoothie, simply add one serving of sprouted love to a blender along with 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 250ml of OJ, 250ml of water, and 100-150g of green vegetables (e.g. spinach) and give it a quick mix!

Lydia's Smoothie Bowl

For her bowl, Lydia takes a portion of sprouted love, 300g of frozen fruit (e.g. raspberries and bananas), 2-3EL of coconut yogurt and mixes everything well. Then she decorates her breakfast every morning with delicious nuts, fruits and grains.

Stephan's Overnight Sprouts

Stephan grinds his portion of sprouted love briefly, adds 250g of yogurt and leaves it in a canning jar in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning he decorates his breakfast with mango and strawberries - really delicious!

You already have a sprout jar or need a refill? Perfect! ✔️

Of course, you can also get the Keimliebe cereal mix individually in the store. In addition to the 100g trial mix, you can also get the 1000g mix, which is enough for about 20 servings - that's just 75 cents per breakfast base!

If you are interested in a germ love subscription, feel free to write to us here under "other questions".

Currently we are testing such a model and are looking forward to your participation! You will receive 2 blends per month when you sign up for a 3-month subscription and save 15%

Plus, with every delivery, you'll get new Keimliebe favorite recipes from our team for free.

This is how to have a healthy breakfast! 🥣

Why sprout love? 🌱

The following advantages await you in comparison with conventional cereals:

From regional organic farms

All varieties included are from certified organic suppliers in Germany.

Freshest and newest harvest

We always have the latest seed from the current harvest through direct manufacturer contact. 

Gently prepared

Each variety is carefully cleaned, resulting in little breakage and high germination.

High quality variety mixture

The Sprouted Love Grain Mix contains 100% unbred original varieties - full of nutrients!

What our customers say 💬

Monika Gehle
Read more
The sprout love is my new breakfast! With grated apple, with strawberries, dates, figs and nuts, the breakfast even replaces lunch. Super digestible and delicious!
Frank Oldenburg
Read more
Very tasty in muesli. I always sprout 2 tablespoons + 1 tablespoon buckwheat + 1 tablespoon quinoa.
Maria-Iris Plaschke
Read more
I blend the sprouts together with 1 handful of frozen wild blueberries and 3 dates until creamy. Sometimes raw cacao powder comes in.
Beate P.
Read more
Very tasty, flavorful addition to breakfast.
Kathrin Schlotfeldt
Read more
Perfectly packaged and great basic with a delicious blend.
Anouk Wohlgemuth
Read more
Super price-performance ratio!
Aleksandra Gorska-Kulwiec
Read more
Super tasty, I can recommend to everyone.

100% Regional
100% Organic
100% Love

Our seeds are lovingly filled by hand regionally and regularly checked for germination.