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    Superfood in summer

    Superfood for the warm season

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    The last snow now seems to have finally melted, and the first warm sunny days are providing the long-awaited vitamin D boost. For many people it's now out into the garden , and the little Microgreen are somewhat forgotten over the summer. In this newsletter we'll tell you why that doesn't have to be the case and give you great usage tips for the warmer season! 🌱

    Bridge the waiting time

    Yes, the gardening season is slowly getting started. But: it's still a few weeks harvest . Especially when spring temperatures are even milder, growing microgreens and sprouts is still possible without any problems and is ideal for bridging the time until the first garden Microgreen .

    Play it safe

    the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable , and we notice that in the garden too. Regardless of whether it's constantly lugging around watering cans during long dry periods or the garden devastation caused by the next storm - a bountiful harvest is never completely certain. Microgreen in particular crop backup even in summer ! They require much less water than conventional vegetables and are independent of the weather both on the windowsill and in the greenhouse in a protected environment . Fresh and consistent harvest? Guaranteed!

    Integrate into the garden

    If the weather forecast is favorable and you would like to conjure up a large, juicy salad made from pea, wheat and sunflower microgreens for the next barbecue , it is also worth sowing in Microgreen vegetable patch or flower box !

    Such rather strong seedlings in particular can withstand normal weather conditions without any problems. However, you should cover with foil during the germination process . Also, always make sure to give enough water

    Bring it with you to the next event

    to a barbecue or spring brunch in a week, but still have no idea what you contribute ? Microgreen real eye-catcher on every buffet table, especially in the Grow-Grow Nut with their respective variety flags Grown in just a few days, they are guaranteed to cause a stir as an original souvenir . 😉

    As you can see, there are all sorts of good reasons not to neglect growing your own superfood, even when the sunshine is warm enough!