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Nutritious instead of unhealthy - Make sure there's plenty of flavor and vitamins under the tree!

Please note: As of today, we can unfortunately no longer guarantee delivery before Christmas!

Our Christmas packages

The choice is yours: Would you rather invite your family and friends into the world of microgreens or sprouts? Each gift also includes a Christmas flyer with QR code to the free e-book!

For style conscious

Grow-Grow Nut Christmas present


As is well known, the eye eats with you, and for some people this is true even when growing. If you know someone who could use an eye-catcher in the room or kitchen, he or she will be happy about this gift!

Sprout jar Christmas gift

For comfortable

Keimgrün Sprout jar Christmas gift


If you have friends or acquaintances who could do with an extra portion of vitamins, but they prefer rather uncomplicated cultivation, we recommend the sprout sets from Keimgrün - just rinse 2x/day, that's it!

Keimgrün Microgreen Christmas gift

For pragmatic

Keimgrün Microgreen Christmas gift


NEW IN OUR ASSORTMENT! If you have already infected someone around you with your enthusiasm for microgreens, he or she can easily get started over the winter with the Keimgrün Microgreen Starter Pack.

The perfect gifts

4 good reasons why you should give microgreens and sprouts starter kits as gifts:


Both microgreens and sprouts contain many vitamins and minerals: so a real immune system booster!


Both varieties are super tasty and taste great with almost any dish: From salad to wraps to soups and more!


An unecological agriculture and the long transport routes are largely eliminated by the own cultivation!


Microgreens & sprouts offer an efficient solution for self-sufficient, healthy nutrition, available even in urban areas.

Merry Christmas!