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Microgreens & Sprouts Crash Course

Learn in a few minutes everything you need to know for a successful start in the world of sprouts!

Microgreens vs. sprouts

Both species come from the same plant, but in cultivation there are differences:

Microgreens are young plants that grow after their germination process only through sufficient daylight. The resulting chlorophyll provides the trademark of the greens: the colourful leaves. The growth time is 7-14 days, depending on the variety.

Sprouts are seedlings that can grow even without direct daylight and only through water. Since the young vegetables can be harvested after only 2-5 days, and thus also no chlorophyll is formed, this type is usually even brighter when they are eaten.

4 Good reasons

Okay, now we know what microgreens and sprouts are all about.
But why should we eat them at all?

Both microgreens and sprouts contain many vitamins and minerals: so a real immune system booster!

Both types give you many different varieties and countless possibilities for recipes: salads, wraps, soups and more!

Unecological agriculture and long transport routes are largely eliminated by growing one's own crops!

Microgreens & sprouts offer an efficient solution for self-sufficient, healthy nutrition, available even in urban areas.

6 different types of cultivation

Below you will find all available types of cultivation in Microgreen Shop and their specifics:

✔️Microgreens ✔️Soil ✔️Place requirement: medium

With the Keimgrün starter pack you definitely take the most pragmatic approach to growing your microgreens. Everything you need is in this package: from the right pots and trays to lots of seeds and organic soil. The only thing you have to do is find a suitable place: ideally at the window on an area of approx. 30x30cm.

✔️Microgreens ✔️Soil ✔️Place requirement: little

The Grow-Grow Nut is also suitable for growing microgreens. You should opt for this if you don't want to give away too much space and want to make it look nice. In addition to the coconut tray, the package also includes the matching seeds and dried coconut soil bricks, which are soaked in water before use.

✔ Microgreens ✔ Natural fiber fleece ✔ Space requirement: little

The indoor gardening system from Heimgart does completely without soil and watering. It uses a natural fiber fleece as substrate, in which the required seeds are already integrated. The pad is placed on a stainless steel insert and the tray is filled with water - the grow kit does the rest all by itself! The outer porcelain bowl is also visually definitely a real eye-catcher in any home.

✔ Shoots ✔ Jute/cellulose ✔ Space requirement: little

Our Greenery is also a very stylish growing set for microgreens and is made of ceramic on the outside. The combination of various planting mats made of jute and cellulose eliminates the need for daily watering - the cultivation also takes place completely without soil. Since the mats are also available separately without the seeds, you can also use your personal favorite seeds from the store without any problems.

✔ Sprouts ✔ Water ✔ Space requirement: little

The cress sieve is particularly suitable for slime-forming varieties such as rocket and cress, which by far feel most at home here. The set consists of a ceramic cress sieve and a metal grid for insertion made of stainless steel. We have also developed a starter pack with matching seeds for this!

✔ Sprouts ✔ Water ✔ Space requirement: little

The sprout jar is probably the most convenient and simplest approach to growing your power food at home. The seeds are soaked in the jar for a few hours and then rinsed twice a day - without soil and a lot of space. For the Keimgrün sprout jar there are several starter packs to choose from!

You want to go even deeper? Here you will find comprehensive growing instructions for every type of cultivation!

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