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    Microgreen & Sprouts Crash Course

    In just a few minutes, find out everything you need to know for a successful start in the world of seedlings!

    Micro... what?

    Microgreen are young vegetables that are usually grown in soil and can be harvested in a maximum of 2 weeks. The sprouts are not only colorful and incredibly tasty, but also packed with lots of vitamins and minerals.

    And sprouts?

    In contrast to Microgreen sprouts hardly need any light to grow and can be grown in a glass in slightly darker places without any soil. They are also full of nutrients and are ready to harvest and eat after just 4-5 days.

    4 good reasons to grow

    Okay, now we know what Microgreen and sprouts are all about. But: Why should we eat them at all?

    Both Microgreen and sprouts contain many vitamins and minerals: a real immune system booster!

    Both types give you many different varieties and countless possibilities for recipes: salads, wraps, soups and more!

    Unecological farming and long transport routes are largely eliminated by growing your own!

    Microgreen & sprouts offer an efficient solution for an independent, healthy diet that is available even in urban areas.

    More information on the topic

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