Coconut clay bricks

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Pressed potting soil for Microgreen

Coconut soil is a great alternative to classic soil . It comes in dry and pressed form and can therefore stored very well . both as a breeding ground for your Grow-Grow Nut or for other Microgreen projects.

Easy to store ✓ Compact and practical ✓ Optimal growth conditions for Microgreen

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Compact & practical

When grinding the Grow-Grow Nut coconut fibers are produced , which pressed coconut clay bricks . You decide when the coconut clay brick will grow to 10 times its original size .

The big advantage of coconut clay bricks is that you store them much better than the large bags of potting soil. They are perfect for smaller varieties (growth time up to 14 days) for cultivation in the Grow-Grow Nut !

Product information & scope of delivery

  • 10 or 50 pressed coconut clay bricks
  • Weight: around 25g per piece
  • When swollen, it makes about 350ml of soil (enough for one Grow-Grow Nut )
  • Also called: coconut soil, coconut soil tablet, coconut soil tab

Recommendation: Short bursts of water are more effective than a running tap.

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