Sprouts & Seedlings Book


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15-Minute Recipes with Vital Food

The new book by Angelika Fürstler on the subject of sprouts and seedlings.

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If any food deserves the title "superfood", it is sprouts and germ buds. They have enjoyed the highest recognition for thousands of years, especially in Asian cuisine, and they also have everything that is important in modern nutrition: a wealth of valuable ingredients and a variety of flavours with few calories. So they are an enrichment for every kind of dish. What also speaks in their favour is that we can grow them even in the smallest of spaces in the kitchen and thus always have crisp, fresh pick-me-ups at hand without having to go shopping. Last but not least, they are easy on the budget and take little time to prepare.

Let Angelika Fürstler's 15-minute recipes convince you.

  • Use simple tricks to "activate" almonds, nuts and seeds so that their vital substance content doubles, and then prepare savoury and sweet treats from them in minutes
  • Grow sprouts in 2 to 5 days, which give salads, soups, sandwiches, vegetable pans and much more that special zing.
  • Use very medicinal varieties such as broccoli sprouts, which are considered great hopes in medical and pharmacological research
  • Recipes and background information presented by an expert in the field of "holistic vegan nutrition".