Keimgrün Mironglass wide-mouth jar - 500ml


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Seed storage in 0.5 litre jar

This Mironglass - wide-mouth jar is ideal for storing your seeds and protecting them from UV light.

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The jar preserves the bio-activity of your seeds and thus ensures germination, which is particularly important for sprouts and microgreens. To more easily substantiate the optimal quality protection of food stored in MIRON Violet jars, a microbiological experiment was conducted with cherry tomatoes. In this experiment, a cherry tomato was stored in a white jar and a MIRON violet jar for seven months and kept at room temperature with exposure to sunlight. At the end of the seven months, the result was photographed. The microbiological changes on the tomato stored in white glass can be clearly seen. In contrast, the tomato stored in MIRON violet glass shows no loss of colour and no traces of drying.

We recommend rinsing the jar thoroughly before filling it for the first time.

Material: violet glass

Dimensions: 500 ml glass: outer diameter 7.5cm - height without lid 14.8cm, with lid 15.5cm

Details of weight and height include plastic lid.

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