Grow-Grow Nut Refiller

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Refill package for the Grow-Grow Nut

Need a refill for your Grow-Grow Nut? With this refill package you can try out 10 delicious varieties and get 10 matching coco soil bricks with it.

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Your Grow-Grow Nut starter packs are running low on seeds? One refill pack is enough for 10 more grows in the Grow-Grow Nut with 10 coco soil tiles and the varieties Arugula, Radish Red, Kale, Mustard, Pak Choi, Kohlrabi Red, Radish, Cress, Red Cabbage and Minzuna.

Scope of delivery:

  • 10x coconut soil brick
  • 10 organic seeds in the above varieties

Shelf life of the seeds: If you store our seeds dry, protected from light and at about 20°C, you can use them up to one year. This is a guideline, because the germination capacity depends on many factors such as temperature, humidity and light.

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