Keimgrün Cress sieve starter pack


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Cress bowl + seed

The cress sieve is ideal for slime-forming varieties such as arugula or cress. And it is precisely these two seed varieties, together with a stylish cress tray, that are included in the starter pack from Keimgrün !

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With the stylish cress sieve, the cultivation of the included varieties of cress and arugula is child's play. It is very suitable for entry into the world of superfoods. Great look, both alone and in combination with several copies.

Note: The seeds must lie still during germination. It is best to soak the seeds beforehand according to our assortment table, pour off the water and distribute the seed mass on the sieve. Then use a knife to spread the seeds carefully, evenly and not too densely. Until the roots are formed (2-3 days), spray them with water twice a day and cover them with a plate so that the seeds do not dry out so quickly in the air. After 2-3 days the roots have grown through the sieve and you can remove the plate or the cover. From then on you can rinse the seedlings and roots twice a day under running water.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x designer cress strainer made of ceramic/ Dimensions: 180mm x 180mm x 40mm
  • Metal grid for insertion made of stainless steel (dishwasher safe)
  • 50g organic seed cress
  • 50g organic rocket seed

The product image contains an exemplary representation. The nice little chimney sweep is unfortunately not included in the scope of delivery!

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Cress sieve