Heimgart Microgreens Starter Kit


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Microgreens Starter Kit

Heimgart works without soil, additional watering and a green thumb. Watered only once, the first leaves of the young seedlings sprout after just a few days.

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Heimgart is an indoor gardening system specially designed for planting microgreens. It works completely without soil, additional watering and green thumb. Watered only once, the first leaflets of the young seedlings sprout after just a few days. The Heimgart Microgreens Starter Kit includes everything needed to grow the young seedlings: A porcelain bowl from Seltmann Weiden, a stainless steel insert and two certified organic seed pads (DE-ÖKO-070).

This is how easy it is to prepare the microgreens: Fill the porcelain bowl with water up to the fine mark. Place the two organic seed pads in the stainless steel insert and then place it in the tray. Cover the two certified organic seed pads with the growing covers so that the seeds can germinate optimally in the microclimate. Leave Heimgart covered and at rest at room temperature for the next 3-4 days to germinate. When the microgreens start to push down the grow covers on their own, you can help them do so. Now the mini plants get daylight and turn juicy green. After 5-7 days, the microgreens can be harvested and provide plenty of healthy nutrients and culinary variety on your plate.

The organic seed pads consist of a natural fibre fleece on which the seeds are already pre-portioned. The seed pads are available in six different varieties: garden cress, rocket, radish, mustard, broccoli and red cabbage. The organic seed pads for the Heimgart kitchen garden are always supplied including the growing covers. These ensure ideal climatic conditions during cultivation.

Directions for use
Please harvest and enjoy the fully grown microgreens within a few days. As these are young seedlings and not sprouts, please consume only above the root.

Care instructions
The porcelain bowl and the stainless steel insert are dishwasher safe and reusable. The seed pads can be composted or disposed of in organic waste.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x porcelain bowl
  • 1x stainless steel insert
  • 2x certified organic seed pads incl. growing covers (cress and rocket)
  • 1x instruction

Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.4 x 6 cm
Total weight: 1.4 kg

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Weight 1,4 kg
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