Grow-Grow Nut Refill Pack "The Mikro Greens"
Grow-Grow Nut Refill Pack “The Mikro Greens”
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Grow-Grow Nut Refill Pack “The Mikro Greens”


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Need a refill for your Grow-Grow Nut? This refill pack contains three coco soil bricks and the familiar seed varieties from your starter pack (Mizuna, Cress & Red Cabbage).

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Scope of delivery: 3x, coconut soil brick, 3x organic seeds: Mizuna, cress & red cabbage.

Mizuna: Mizuna’s fresh greens have a subtle cabbage flavor and are somewhat reminiscent of turnip greens.

Cress: The fresh green of cress has a sharp spicy flavor with an aroma somewhere between mustard and radish.

Red cabbage: The fresh green of red cabbage has a fine-tart mild flavor, slightly reminiscent of cabbage.

Shelf life of the seeds: If you store our seeds dry, protected from light and at about 20°C, you can use them up to one year. This is an approximate value, since the germination capacity depends on many factors such as temperature, humidity and light.

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