Grow-Grow Nut Starter Set
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Grow-Grow Nut Starter Set


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Microgreen Starter Set

From the shopping bag to the To Go cup to the cutlery – we produce an incredible amount of plastic waste. The Grow-Grow Nut allows you to grow Microgreens at home on your window sill – plastic-free!
The Grow-Grow Nut is 100% biodegradable and just looks great.

The first completely biodegradable microgreen breeding kit – Let’s grow!

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With the Grow-Grow Nut you can grow fresh vitamins and nutrients at home on your window sill all year round. And not only that: The Grow-Grow nut also looks great, whether on the window sill or on the table. For breakfast, add a few fresh microgreens to the bread, spice up the salad for lunch or garnish the soup for dinner – there are so many great ways to enjoy the green of of the Grow-Grow Nut. When you try Microgreens for the first time, you’ll be amazed at how flavorful they are! Compared to vegetables, which already have a long transport route behind them, homegrown microgreens taste super fresh and intense.

Scope of delivery:

  • Set of 1:
    • 1x Upcycle Coconut
    • 3x coke soil brick
    • 3x Organic germ seed (broccoli, radishes & rucola)
    • 3 trees are planted (cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects)
  • Set of 2:
    • 2x Upcycle Coconut
    • 6x coke soil brick
    • 6x Organic germ seed (broccoli, radishes & rucola)
    • 6 trees are planted (cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects)

Please note: The product descriptions on the package are written in German and English language. If you need further languages please contact us.

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The perfect introduction to the world of microgreens. Simply grow your vitamins on the window sill at your home – without plastic! The coconut shell is very robust and very often reusable, so you can start new cultivation passes again and again.

There are just new refill packages in the planning, which contain only coke soil and organic seeds, so that you can always integrate new tastes into your everyday life with new varieties and your existing coconut shell.

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