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Coconut shell

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Real upcycled coconut shell

each Grow-Grow Nut coconut shell is truly unique. It is a stylish and plastic-free alternative to the usual pots and bowls. The robust material is also water-resistant and very stable with proper care. You can use it to grow Microgreen with coconut soil bricks (1 tab per tray) or normal organic potting soil .

Biodegradable ✓ Plastic-free ✓ Sanded by hand ✓


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Grow-Grow Nut Coconut Shell
Coconut shell RRP: 11,90  Original price was: €11.9010,90 Current price is: €10.90.
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Microgreen from coconuts!

Your beautiful Grow-Grow Nut coconut shell with engraving and external finishing touches has three small holes in the bottom to prevent waterlogging . It is perfect for expanding your Microgreen garden on the windowsill . Probably the most beautiful and ecological to grow your own healthy and delicious Microgreen

  • Biodegradable and stylish alternative to the usual pots and bowls
  • Hand-sanded , compostable natural product
  • Robust material : water-resistant and hard
  • Suitable for growing with coconut soil (1 tab per bowl) or normal organic growing soil .

Product information & scope of delivery

  • 1x Grow-Grow Nut coconut shell
  • Diameter: 13-15cm
  • Sanded from the outside
  • Three drainage holes at the bottom

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