Coconut soil bricks
Coconut Soil Brick

Coconut Soil Brick


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Coconut soil is a great alternative to the classic soil. It comes in dry and pressed form and can therefore be stored very well. It provides a practical basis for both your Grow-Grow Nut and other Microgreen projects.

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When grinding coconuts, fine fibers are produced, which can be pressed together with other components into practical coconut-soil bricks. You decide the time when the coconut-earth brick grows with water up to 10 times its original size. Recommendation: Short water boosts are more effective than a running faucet.

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Delivery scope

  • Weight: about 40g per piece
  • Gives up about 350ml of soil (sufficient for a grow-grow Nut or a microgreen pot)
  • Perfect for your Grow-Grow Nut and your own Microgreen projects (suitable up to a cultivation period of 14 days)

Also called: coconut soil, coconut soil tablet, coconut soil tab

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