Quinoa seeds

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Organic quinoa for sprouts

Quinoa is one of the new gluten-free protein sources, was already sacred to the Incas and served as a staple food of the gods. Our quinoa, peeled and sprouted together with buckwheat in a sprouting jar for 1-3 days, creates the perfect basis for your muesli, salad or similar. Simple, quick and very valuable in the ingredients, definitely try it out!

From European organic farming.

  • Taste: Quinoa has a super mild, slightly nutty taste when freshly sprouted (1-3 days). As a Microgreen it becomes a bit bitter.
  • Ingredients: Minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin E, as well as the amino acids lysine, tryptophan and cystine
  • Use: raw: in salads, with muesli, smoothies or as a decoration for your dishes. It is perfect for germinating in a jar shelled buckwheat
  • Positive properties: Quinoa replenishes your serotonin stores, it is said to promote serenity, balance, inner peace and satisfaction and has positive effects on your appetite and eating behavior, the feeling of satiety and freedom from anxiety.

Delivery: This offer includes the organic seeds without accessories . Below the product images you may see Microgreen including the tray and soil

be used to grow sprouts in a sprout jar

Organic quinoa. Seeds from controlled organic cultivation for growing sprouts (DE ÖKO 006).

Origin: Europe

Botanical name: Chenopodium quinoa

Also called: Inca grain, Inca rice, Peru rice, quinoa, rice spinach

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