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The stylish grow kit without soil and daily watering

Our Greenery

Ceramic table garden

Growing microgreens could hardly be more stylish - the white ceramic look is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher on any table!

Our Greenery

Innovative planting mats

The combination of various plant mats made of jute and cellulose eliminates the need for daily watering - and cultivation takes place completely without soil.

Our Greenery

Flexibly expandable

As the mats for the table garden will soon also be available individually in the shop, you are extremely flexible in your choice of organic seeds!

"Our startup's mission is to enable everyone to grow food. Food should be grown where it is needed - at home. This way we get the freshest food without loss of nutritional value and without long transport routes."

Daniel, CEO

Our top sellers in the Microgreen Shop

In addition to the complete cultivation set, the refill packs will soon also be on sale:

Table Garden Set

✔ Indoor gardening system
✔ Microgreens without soil
✔ High-quality ceramic

Refill packages

✔ Growing medium for table garden
✔ Based on jute and cellulose
✔ Can be combined with seeds from the store