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Healthy breakfast with sprouted grain - this is how it works!

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You've probably heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what does that actually mean and what should you pay attention to when eating breakfast? This article is about healthy breakfast and how to eat optimally in the morning. The focus is on cereals and especially on sprouted cereals due to their advantages in terms of nutrient absorption and digestibility. At the end of the post, we'll introduce you to our own "Sprouted Love" cereal blend, which is made up of high-fiber organic varieties that you can use for sprouting. Let's go!

The importance of a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and lays the foundation for your energy supply and concentration for the rest of the day. If you leave the house in the morning on an empty stomach, you may be tired, unfocused and less able to perform. A balanced breakfast can help regulate your blood sugar levels, boosting energy and concentration .

Cereals are an excellent source of fiber, carbohydrates and protein , making them an ideal basis for a healthy breakfast. Fiber promotes digestion and provides a longer feeling of satiety. Carbohydrates provide energy, while proteins help build muscle and tissue. Whole grains and high-fiber varieties such as oatmeal or quinoa are particularly suitable for breakfast. Bread or muesli made from whole grains can also be a good choice, provided they do not contain too much sugar or fat.

Healthy breakfast: what does it include?

There are a variety of ways to create a healthy breakfast. High-fiber carbohydrates are an important foundation.

Healthy breakfast with sprout love

High-fiber cereals as a basis
Cereal products such as oatmeal, wholemeal bread or muesli are good sources of fiber and should therefore not be missing from any healthy breakfast. Dietary fiber is important for healthy digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness, so that you feel full of energy for longer.

Other important ingredients and options
In addition to fiber-rich cereals, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and dairy products can also play an important role in a healthy breakfast. Fresh fruits such as berries, apples and bananas contain important vitamins and antioxidants, while vegetables such as tomatoes and avocado also provide important nutrients. Nuts and seeds are a good source of healthy fats and protein and can be used as a topping for cereal or yogurt. Dairy products such as yogurt or cheese can also be a good source of protein and provide the body with important nutrients.

Overall, the more varied your breakfast, the better. Try to combine different ingredients to provide your body with a wide range of nutrients.

Sprouted grain - What makes it special

When it comes to choosing the right cereal, sprouted cereal is a great choice to make your breakfast even healthier. The following reasons explain why sprouted grains are better than regular grains:

Nutritional benefits of germinating grains
During the germination process, grains convert starch and proteins into simple sugar molecules and amino acids that are more easily absorbed by the body. Sprouting also activates enzymes that improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption. In addition, sprouted grains contain higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than conventional grains.

Better digestibility and availability of nutrients
Because sprouted grain is easier to digest, the body can better absorb the nutrients it contains. In particular, the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals is higher, which means the body can use them more efficiently. Sprouting cereals also improves the fiber content, which helps keep blood sugar levels stable and aids digestion.

Sprout love: the perfect cereal mix for a healthy breakfast

To make sprouting grains as convenient and healthy as possible, we have created for you the perfect blend for a balanced breakfast.

Sprouted Love is a special cereal blend for sprouting, consisting of the following high-fiber organic cereals:

  • Naked oats lowers cholesterol due to its ingredients.
  • Urdinkel has many minerals and essential amino acids.
  • Naked barley lowers blood sugar levels and promotes intestinal health.
  • Einkorn has a lot of protein and is said to have a supporting effect on the cardiovascular system.

Compared to conventional cereals, sprouted grains bring you numerous advantages:

  • From organic farms: All varieties included are from German organic producers.
  • Freshest harvest: We always have the latest seed through direct contact with the manufacturer.
  • Gently prepared: Each grade is carefully cleaned, resulting in little breakage.
  • High quality variety mix: In the Germ Love Grain Mix are 100% unbred original varieties.

Your breakfast routine couldn't be more convenient with sprout love and 2-3 sprout jars. Start the following procedure one day later in a new sprout jar:

  • Day 1: Soak 3-4 tablespoons per serving in the morning. After 8-12 hours, drain water, rinse again and drain well. Place on stand at an angle and allow to germinate overnight in a completely relaxed manner.
  • Day 2: Rinse once in the morning and once in the evening. To do this, fill the glass with water, swirl it a few times and empty it again. Then place the glass back on the stand at an angle.
  • Ready! Rinse once in the morning and use directly. We recommend it as a smoothie bowl, smoothie or overnight sprouts. This glass you then use directly again for a new portion.

Recipe ideas for a healthy breakfast

Our team has worked hard during and after the product development of Sprouted Love our team has come up with various delicious breakfast recipes, which we would like to present to you briefly. Of course, you do not have to copy them 1 to 1, but you can vary them with your favorite ingredients:

  • Smoothie: For our founder Christian's favorite smoothie, simply add one serving of sprouted love to a blender along with 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 250 ml of OJ, 250 ml of water and 100-150 g of green vegetables (e.g. spinach) and blend everything briefly!
  • Smoothie Bowl: For her bowl, Lydia takes a portion of sprouted love, 300g of frozen fruit (e.g. raspberries and bananas), 2-3EL yogurt and mixes everything well. Then she decorates her breakfast every morning with delicious nuts, fruits and grains.
  • Overnight Sprouts: Stephan grinds his portion of sprouted love briefly, adds 250g of yogurt and leaves it in a jar in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning he decorates his breakfast with mango and strawberries - really delicious!

Conclusion: Healthy breakfast made easy

A healthy breakfast is the basis for a successful day. The use of germinated cereals is particularly effective for this purpose. Sprouting makes the nutrients in the grain more available and improves digestibility.

In addition, Keimliebe contains 100% uncultivated original varieties from regional organic farms, which are gently prepared and carefully mixed. If you feel like trying Keimliebe and incorporating it into your breakfast, you can get more information about the product here:

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