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5 tips on how to incorporate sprouts into your everyday life

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Growing microgreens and sprouts at home is not really difficult - many varieties succeed right away. It is often much more difficult to maintain the initial motivation throughout the year after the first harvest. Many of us know this from New Year's resolutions, which usually only last a few weeks. In order to be able to enjoy the taste and, above all, the health benefits of superfoods all year round, we have put together a few tips and tricks that can be easily integrated into your everyday life. Have fun!

Develop a routine

The power to overcome the difficulty of regularly putting good intentions into practice can be significantly reduced by establishing a routine. How? By repeating actions daily or weekly at fixed times and keeping the hurdle to actual execution as low as possible!

How can this insight be applied to superfoods? It's simple! We develop a routine that specifically integrates microgreens and sprouts into our daily lives. Our ideas for this:

  1. Keep the hurdle as low as possible
    In addition to your favourite growing method, find your favourite seeds and store both at home.
  2. Plan your weekly "planting day"
    In our team, it is often Sunday when we soak or plant the seeds directly in peace and quiet, far away from the stress of the week.
  3. Find your weekly "use day "
    Depending on the seed variety and cultivation type, you can also define exactly when the superfood can be used, based on your planting day!
  4. Find your favourite recipes and integrate them into your daily diet
    There are an insane number of everyday uses for microgreens and sprouts! Our favourites are:
    • Sprouted buckwheat from the sprout jar in the morning muesli
    • A detox shot in between with wheatgrass juice
    • A large salad with pea microgreens and our "Salad" sprout mix
    • The favourite microgreens on the evening meal

Make it obvious

Another way to promote good behaviour patterns is to place the necessary tools in everyday life. What in sports is the training mat right next to the bed or the pull-up bar by the door can also take various forms when it comes to superfoods. Our favourites:

  1. Replace your table decoration
    Cut flowers that just end up on the compost heap were yesterday's news. Today: A table decoration that not only looks great, but also enriches every dish with delicious microgreens: The Grow-Grow Nut!
  2. Use any free space in your home
    Sure, the window ledge is also perfect for the Grow-Grow groove. If you have a conservatory or similar, you have the perfect conditions for the Keimgrün starter package. And with the sprout glass, you can find a suitable place on any shelf, as the sprouts do not need direct sunlight!

Provide variety

Routines have a disadvantage: they can become somewhat monotonous over time. This makes it all the more important to integrate new impulses into everyday life on a regular basis, in addition to consistency. In the world of superfoods, we have the great advantage that there are incredibly many different varieties of seeds.

Our tip: set yourself a challenge in which you try a new variety every month throughout the year! In addition to the "microgreen perennials" broccoli, pea, sunflower, radish and wheatgrass, you can also order more exotic varieties every month: For example, how about:

With sprouts, the whole thing is even simpler: you can simply combine different sprout varieties with a similar soaking and germination time in the sprout jar and create your very own sprout mixes! Possible combinations to start with are:

Stay tuned throughout the year

Anyone who wants to integrate outdoor sports like jogging into their life as a new habit probably knows this challenge only too well: In spring and summer, the new hobby is easier to maintain, especially on nice days. But as soon as the uncomfortable autumn and winter days are around the corner, the first excuses start to creep in: "Not today - it's too cold, wet and windy".

It is therefore all the more important to know these challenges in advance and to master them with the right equipment. What the rain jacket or waterproof shoes needed for jogging are for dirty weather can also take on different forms when it comes to superfood. Here, winter in particular is seen as a suitable season, while in summer the focus is actually on fully-grown vegetables. What many people do not know: Microgreens and sprouts can also be grown in summer without any problems if you observe the following:

  1. Sowing microgreens in the garden / raised bed
    The garden can also offer optimal growing conditions for microgreens, which means that larger quantities can be harvested regularly. It is important to cover the seeds with foil in the first few days to protect them from sun and birds.
  2. Keeping sprouts cool
    It's true that sprouts don't like it very warm. A great option for summer is to put the sprout jar in the fridge during the day and only take it out at night. Also, many varieties like to be rinsed 3x/day instead of 2x/day on particularly warm days. Our secret tip for a particularly refreshing summer salad: sprouted mung beans!

Find the right environment

If you go to the gym with a friend, you're much more likely to show up regularly. Why? Motivating each other and regularly sharing new insights and progress with each other brings much more fun and constant motivation in the process. Of course, this sense of community can also be transferred to the world of superfoods: the right environment brings you lots of variety through different experience reports with new seed varieties, various cultivation tricks and delicious recipes.

If you want to stay with us throughout the year: Through our newsletter and the loyalty points system in the Microgreen Club, you will regularly receive new input as well as the extra portion of motivation. You can also subscribe to the Keimgrünchannel via Telegram and exchange ideas with like-minded people in the chat group.

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